► How safe?

All LimitlessLED products are C-tick certified and registered, they are CE and EMC tested by our test laboratories BST, we LVD safety tested them to many hundreds of volts to ensure they are very safe. We also tested them for electromagnetic interference to ensure they do not interfere with any other RF equipment in your home.

RoHS, CE, and EMC approved and safety tested.
Robust solid acrylic plastic lens.
No toxic material, no mercury nor lead, and can be safely recycled to recover valuable materials such as copper and aluminum.
No ultraviolet or infrared light. Cool to the touch, means safer for bed side lamps and young children.

We provide a full warranty on all products. We monitor all incoming supplier manufacturing parts for quality, we listen to all customer feedback, and test every lightbulb in a huge test array of lighting for many hours to ensure consistent quality. If on the tiny chance any LED bulb does not operate as expected, please discontinue use, dispose of it and email us support(at)limitlessled.com and we will ship you another for free.