► What are the shipping costs for me?

All our shipping prices are at cost, we make ZERO margin on our shipping costs to you.

Shipping goes on weight, so firstly select all the products you would like to check, and then press checkout and enter your destination country from the dropdown list, the shipping options will automatically appear so that you can see the shipping options and costs.

We use 3 types of shipping, Standard Parcel Post (Air), EMS economy courier, and International Courier. Currently we use DHL as our international courier because we have negotiated the cheapest from them, they are the most competitive out of all the international couriers (yes there is more than a dozen to choose from these days).

Standard Parcel Post (Air) are only available to select countries, because although it is reliable in most countries, there are many countries we deem to lose the parcels too easily. Let us know if you think your country should be placed on this list.

EMS Economy Courier is only available to select countries based on their limited service list of countries, if you think I have missed your country off this list, or EMS has recently added your country, let me know by email, support(at) limitlessled.com

Don’t be put off by shipping costs, all retailers in your country pay this level of shipping cost, whether you know it or not… they hide it in the expensive retail price. Unless it is actually made in your country of course or if they shipped a whole container load, which is not very likely with the speed to market these days, its all air freighted.

also see our other FAQ item on VAT/GST/tax (to Canada and European countries only).