► What are the Color Temp and Color Rendering Index (CRI) values?

The warm white to cool white range is fully adjustable using the iphone/android software or remote from 3000-6500K. Our testing results show the Color Temperature ranges right from 3000K all the way through to 6500K. On the remote, Left adjusts the color temp to warm white and to the Right adjusts the color temp to cool white, and anywhere in between.

Dual White Color Rendering Index (CRI): (Cool White 85.9/Warm White 83.6)

RGBW Color Rendering Index (CRI): 83.7

Dual White – Warm White to Cool White Color Temp: 3000-6500K.

RGBW Cool White Color Temp: 6000K.

RGBW Warm White Color Temp: 3000K.