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LimitlessLED started off as a KickStarter Crowdfunding project in June 2012, and is based in Tauranga – New Zealand, Nottingham – UK and California – USA, with our manufacturing partner based in Shenzhen – China.

If you would like to become a distributor or reseller in your country… Please send as an email support(at)limitlessled(dot)com Please do not apply for distribution from hotmail or gmail, you must use your business email address and business email signature.

Limitless Designs is an electronics circuit board design company, and send our designs and ideas to China for manufacturing. Our business model is to take our ideas, design circuit boards, design wireless home automation systems, manufacture them with offshore partners, monitor quality and certification, and sell direct at huge cost savings. (quite similar to Apple’s iPhone business model)

Our manufacturing partner designed and patented the MiLight products back in 2011, and we engaged with our manufacturer to design and build the new wifi receiver bridge range of products in June 2012. Now 12 months on, we are about to introduce new and brighter RGB Color+White lighting products.

Our Copyright 2013 product designs and trademarks include “MiLight” and “LimitlessLED”, with our primary market being Australia

In August 2014, due to the success of the initial 7.5W and 9W wireless standard LED product range, we introduced a large range of new 2.4Ghz products; these included Free wall holders, smaller 6W E26/E27/B22 bulbs, introduction of GU10 halogen replacements, introduction of the tiny E14 bulbs, introduction of new Square Small/Medium LED Downlight Panels, and Round Medium/Large LED Downlight Panels.

History behind the start of LimitlessLED and the new generation of wireless wifi lighting…




We have a great lineup of new products in the research and development pipeline that will also help keep us ahead of the competition. This includes brighter and more colorful bulbs. We have three new products that our technical team is working on, which should also enhance our LED product range that will assist with the large shift we are seeing in residential homes moving to LED and wireless smartphones. The wifi bridge is what 100% of new customers buy. also about 95% of customers buy a starter kit first up, which is 2 bulbs, a remote, and a wifi bridge.

Our sales distribution team have found that 50% of the sales are RGB color bulbs, even though they could be considered a toy. The other 50% being our super bright warm/cool dual white adjustable LED wireless bulb.

LimitlessLED is a brand of Limitless Designs and has been operating as a Limited Liability Company since 2009.

We currently have stock available in our New Zealand warehouse and are shipping worldwide.

If you would like to organize a group buy for shipping to your country, you can order through the website, even for large orders our shopping cart shipping prices are up to date, and will give discounts for larger orders – therefore place all large orders and payments through our website, thanks.
We ship using EMS and DHL Air Express Track and Trace Courier. View the latest Product Catalog here..

Certified Reseller Display/Sample Pack:
2x 12W Dual White 2.4Ghz RF Downlights (90-265V)
2x 6W Dual White 2.4Ghz RF Downlights (90-265V)
10x E26/E27 Dual White 2.4Ghz RF LED lightbulbs (90-265V)
10x E26/E27 RGBW Color 2.4Ghz RF LED lightbulbs (90-265V)
2x Wifi Bridges with App + Instructions (New 2014 Latest version 4.0)
2x 4channel Dual White 2.4Ghz RF remotes
2x 4channel RGBW Color 2.4Ghz RF remotes (New 2014 Latest version 4.0)
(Pack discount 15%)
Email Us for a Quote, modify the above for a custom Showroom Display pack: sales(at)limitlessled(dot)com

Ongoing Special pricing and discounts are available for distributors and resellers.

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Support Desk: support(at)limitlessled(dot)com

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Development Team: support(at)limitlessled(dot)com

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