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Control the lights in your house using your iPhone, Android, API or Remote

Latest 2018 wireless LED light bulbs. Power savings payback is less than 1 year!
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Have complete wifi control of your lights with the Wireless Remote (2.4Ghz RF) or your Smartphone (WiFi Wireless Home Network or Internet).
Incredibly easy to set-up.

Simply replace your existing bulbs, and plug in the wifi bridge, no wiring, no electricians, download and install the app and you’re good to go.


Standard bulbs E27, E26, and B22 available.

All LED bulbs Work worldwide in AU, NZ, USA, CANADA, UK, EU, and all countries. We also ship worldwide. Just choose screw type (ES) or twist type (B22 bayonet)


Latest ibox2 bridge with Lamp $17 USD

E27 new style RGBW/WW/CW $16 USD


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LimitlessLED fits perfectly into your everyday life.

1. They are super bright, we all make use of LimitlessLED as our primary lighting in main living areas such as Lounges, Dining rooms, and Bedrooms.
2. Everyone loves the style of our lightbulbs, they are nice and slim like regular lightbulbs.
3. The light switch works intuitively, toggle the wall switch, and the light comes back ON even without the remote (it comes back to your last ON setting and color).
4. Wake up refreshed! Alarm Timers from the Free Windows App give you daily on/off scheduled timers.
6. LED lightbulbs pay for themselves in electricity savings.
7. Are you a hobbiest programmer? We have a great line-up of sample code for you try out, so you can control your lights from your own programs, even Excel macros.

LimitlessLED is the first affordable wireless LED light bulb built for the entire home

High quality, energy-efficient solution, crisp, clear lighting that is perfect for dome lights, recessed lights and standard down light fittings.

Each bulb has inbuilt memory to remember the last brightness and color setting each time you power on.

New Smart-Tech With Color

Each White bulb is fully warm white to cool white remote adjustable.
(White Adjustable Color Temperatures 3000K to 6500K)

Each bulb contains its own dimmable Brightness from 1 to 100%.

RGBW Color Bulbs give Personalized lighting to suit your mood.

FREE OpenSource Developers Kit, WindowsPC, iPhone, Android, Arduino, WindowsPhone, Linux, Pebble and even integrates with Home Automation hubs such as SmartThings, iRuleAtHome, Micasaverde, NinjaBlocks.


Dual White LED Light Bulbs – equivalent to an 80W light of 900 Lumens.

RGB+W (Includes Dedicated White) LED Light Bulbs – equivalent to an 80W light of 900 Lumens.

Amazingly Fast

2.4Ghz ensures super fast millisecond control response, even through walls, up to 20 meters / 65 feet away.

LED technology gives instant-on brightness.

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LED Lighting Saves You REAL Money

At 9 Watts these bulbs display more than 80Lumens of brightness per Watt, this is absolutely amazing. LEDs are the most energy efficient lighting source and do not need to be replaced for decades.

Convenient:Swap your current light bulb with the LimitlessLED bulb, and click the remote button to set it up – easy 2 second setup.

Kids leaving the lights on? Now you can turn them off from another room. The remotes use wireless 2.4Ghz.

Have too many light switches to turn on and off? Now you can group the lights any way you like to a single button on the remote/s.

Got a big party coming up, and need some disco lights, Now you can set the rgbw color lights to over a dozen different disco modes.

Do you want bright Cool white lights during the day, and ambient Warm White lights at night time? Now you can alter the color using the remote.

Are your light switches in an inconvenient position? Now you can attach the wireless RF remote to the wall anywhere you like.

Do you want to save more power by dimming your lights but don’t have a dimmable light switch? Don’t worry, every LimitlessLED bulb has its own dimming built-in. Now you can dim them using the remote.

Rather use your smartphone or smartwatch instead of the remote? Our LimitlessLED app remote controls the lightbulbs via our small Wifi Bridge.

Need to automate your home using timers, now you can by using our small Wifi Bridge.
Take your LED lights and Wifi with you when you move house, great for renting, automate your new home without leaving your smart lightbulbs behind. No hardwiring to the house, take your investment with you!

See what our customers are saying:

“I have some of the White LL bulbs in my house and they put out a great light, the best thing is that each bulb is fully cool white to warm white adjustable as well as contains its own dimmer, all from the RF remote. Fantastic!!” –Justin A.

“I got my order delivered yesterday. I just wanna say it is a mind-blowing solution and absolutely perfect. I just had a hands-on and it worked flawlessly with the remote as well as my galaxy S3 phone. The LED response time is very good. I wanna congratulate you in providing such a solution at such affordable prices.” –Mehra.

“Output looks quite bright. The more I investigate these LimitlessLED bulbs, the more impressed I am. Particularly for their price! That the LEDs are SAMSUNG gives confidence too. In practice, testing so far seems fine. Congratulations.” -John.

“LED memory is great! a definite plus that your LimitlessLED lights remember the last brightness and color settings.” –Justin.

“I think these LimitlessLED bulbs are a super cool concept – I like that I didn’t have to do any wiring, I like that they just plugged in and worked, first go” –Adrian.

“My first impression is good. The packaging looks professional, the instructions are quite legible and the setup is relatively easy even for someone with basic computer knowledge. The RGB led lightbulbs seem to have a decent brightness. The iPhone application is very easy to use.” –Peter.

“These bulbs are awesome. I was a little sceptical at first about how easy they’d be to set up, how bright they’d be, and how reliably the remote would work. But man, these actually work as advertised and are effortless to set up. I’m placing an order for 8 more LL White bulbs and a second remote.” –Walter.

“Customer service 10/10” –Andrew.

“I’m thoroughly enjoying the LimitlessLED lights, the brightness is more than acceptable and our daughters are particularly enjoying the colored lights in their bedroom.” -Guy.

“Just got my starter kit, love it! Ordered more bulbs for the rest of my house. :) ” -Roni.

“Received the first 6, really impressed with the lights, great job! Ordering more!” -Joseph.

“After being really impressed with the first order I placed (for a mix of 6 bulbs), waiting for my 2nd order of another 7 bulbs to arrive :-) ” –Richard.

“I plan to order more white lights too — I am very impressed by the quality of warm yellow to cool blue shift and bright to dark control.” –Richard A.

Ease of setup – Using the Remote


- Turn the light bulb on and within 2 seconds press the button on the remote you wish to synchronize the light bulb with.

Ease of setup – Using Android, iPhone, or iPad


- Select the WiFi access point in your iPhone
- Run the Free LimitlessLED App
- Turn the light switch on and within 2 seconds press the S+ button or press the Group-ON button that you wish to synchronize the light with.

wifi light bulb apple app store iphonewifi light bulb android play store galaxy


► What features and controls do the remote and the app have?

White LED:
- Warm warm to Cool white light, adjustable in between.
- Nightlight mode
- Dimming
- Control up to four zones of lights
- Master on/off
- Solid state Memory for last used color and brightness settings.

White LED with the iPhone/Android App:
- All of the above.

Colour LED using the Remote or the iPhone/Android App:
- Standard white light Mode (M-)
- Choose any color in the Rainbow (Color Wheel)
- Dimming (B+/B-)
- Control up to 100+ lights in a single zone.
- Master on/off
- Disco mode (M+/M-) with variable speed (S+/S-) of blinks/strobes.
- Solid state Memory for last used color and brightness settings.

Use of the iPhone, iPad, or Android App requires the WiFi Receiver Bridge in the starter kit or the bridge purchased separately.


► Can I control the smart lights in groups?

YES, definately.

Using the White Remote Control:
White remotes are 4 zones(groups) of up to 400 White bulbs per zone(group).

Using the RGBW (RGB+WarmWhite) Remote Control:
RGBW remotes are 4 zones(groups) of up to 400 RGBW bulbs per zone(group).

Using the RGB Color Remote Control:
Color remotes are 1 zone(group) of up to 400 RGB color bulbs per zone(group).

Using iPhone/Android with the WiFi Bridge Receiver:
Each WiFi Bridge does up to 4(White)+4(RGBW)+1(RGB) zones(groups)

• 4 zones(groups) of up to 400 bulbs per zone(group) for White.
• And 4 zones(groups) of up to 400 bulbs per zone(group) for RGBW (RGB+WarmWhite).
• And 1 zone(group) of up to 400 bulbs per zone(group) for RGB Color.

• Both the white zones(groups) and color zone(group) can be used at the same time.
• Other Remotes and Other Wifi Bridges can be used to control the same bulbs simultaneously.
• Additional bridges can be used to add more zones(groups)
• 3 wifi bridges only cost $17×3 = $51USD will give you 12 zones(groups white) + 12 zones (groups RGBW color) + 3 zones(groups rgb color)

• the word Zone is just used to describe a “group” of light bulbs. i.e. a group of bulbs in a chandelier can be controlled by one of the single buttons on the remote or smartphone app. or for example you may group in a rumpus room the 2 front bulbs and 2 back bulbs on to 2 different on/off buttons on the remote or smartphone app. remember you can have up to 4 groups on every remote or on every wifi bridge.. and you can have multiple remotes and multiple wifi bridges controlling the same or different bulbs or each controlling even different groups of different bulbs, which leads to the statement that
“every LimitlessLED bulb can belong to more than 1 zone(group) at a time”.


► Does LimitlessLED work with E12, E14, E17 and GU10 adapters?

Yes, You can use the following adapters for screwing in E27/E26 LimitlessLED smart bulbs…
Every LimitlessLED bulb supports the full range of voltages (90-260V) and every AC freq. (50/55/60Hz).

E12 to E27 adapter $1.43 USD:

E14 to E27 adapter $1.40 USD:

E17 to E26 adapter $1.96 USD:

GU10 to E27 adapter $1.77 USD

E27 to DUAL E27 adapter $2.40 USD


► What are the Color Temp and Color Rendering Index (CRI) values?

The warm white to cool white range is fully adjustable using the iphone/android software or remote from 3000-6500K. Our testing results show the Color Temperature ranges right from 3000K all the way through to 6500K. On the remote, Left adjusts the color temp to warm white and to the Right adjusts the color temp to cool white, and anywhere in between.

Dual White Color Rendering Index (CRI): (Cool White 85.9/Warm White 83.6)

RGBW Color Rendering Index (CRI): 83.7

Dual White – Warm White to Cool White Color Temp: 3000-6500K.

RGBW Cool White Color Temp: 6000K.

RGBW Warm White Color Temp: 3000K.


► How do I set the RGBW LED back to warm white light?

Just hold the ON button down for longer on the remote.

It is written in the RGBW paper manual that came in the box, but yes sorry, it is in the 3rd paragraph and the print size is quite small.


► Which apps are compatible with LimitlessLED Bridges

Wifi Controller 4.0 – Supports the new RGBW bulbs as well as Dual White and old RGB LEDs, supports wireless-N and auto reconnect
Wifi Controller 3.0 – Supports the new RGBW bulbs as well as Dual White and old RGB LEDs
Wifi Controller 2.0 – Supports only the Dual White and old RGB LEDs
Wifi Controller 1.0 – Supports only the Dual White and old RGB LEDs

Please see the latest updated list of apps on


► Do I need a wifi bridge receiver to control the lights?

Yes, but only if you want to control them from a smartphone, tablet or PC.

The wifi bridge receiver is not required, if you only want to control them direct from the RF remote.


► I lost my remote, can I toggle the light switch to make the LED come back on?

Yes, In the event that you can’t find your remote, or for whatever other reason, if you toggle the wall switch to OFF then back to ON, the bulb will turn come back on again to the last known state.


► Do I have to buy the Remote as well, Can the iPhone App control the bulbs alone?

Yes, the Wifi bridge and iPhone app can control the lights on their own.


► Does it support more than 4 Bulbs, I am interested in buying 8 Bulbs for my Media Room?

Yes, 200+ bulbs per group (aka channel or zone) up to 4 groups. More 4groups if you use multiple remotes and/or multiple wifi bridges.
I would suggest putting some of the 8 bulbs into 4 groups, i.e. front 2, side2, side2, back 2.
Even if all 8 bulbs are on the same light switch, you can still sync(aka link) the lightbulbs into a multiple groups.


► What are the lumens rating for the new 9W globes?

9W Dual White – Cool White
Luminous Flux: 759.0 lm Efficiency: 82.50 lm/W Radiant Power: 2.462 W
Voltage: 230.40V Current: 0.0800A Power: 9.20W
Power Factor: 0.4960 Frequency: 50.00Hz
Peak Wavelength: 449nm Half Bandwidth: 26.9nm
Dominant Wavelength: 490.7nm Color Purity: 0.045
CRI: Ri: Ra= 85.9

9W Dual White – Warm White
Luminous Flux: 699.6 lm Efficiency: 76.88 lm/W Radiant Power: 2.192 W
Voltage: 230.40V Current: 0.0800A Power: 9.10W
Power Factor: 0.4960 Frequency: 50.00Hz
Peak Wavelength: 606nm Half Bandwidth: 139.4nm
Dominant Wavelength: 583.7nm Color Purity: 0.524
CRI: Ri: Ra= 83.6

9W RGBW – Warm White
Luminous Flux: 650.2 lm Efficiency: 71.45 lm/W Radiant Power: 2.039 W
Voltage: 230.80V Current: 0.0850A Power: 9.10W
Power Factor: 0.4660 Frequency: 50.00Hz
Peak Wavelength: 605nm Half Bandwidth: 138.4nm
Dominant Wavelength: 583.8nm Color Purity: 0.520
CRI: Ri: Ra= 83.7


► Why is LimitlessLED cheaper than all competitors even with shipping?

I calculated the Philips Hue vs LimitlessLED on 1 Nov 2014. It is $289 hue vs $142 LimitlessLED

LimitlessLED still looks half the price even with 26 pound tax for UK VAT and even with shipping. Hue has 3 bulbs and wifi bridge in its starter pack.

Hue starter kit from the John Lewis online store with free shipping = £179.95 equals $289.51 US Dollars

LimitlessLED (3 bulbs plus wifi bridge) with Standard shipping = 100.58USD + UK VAT £26.19(42.14USD) = $142.72
LimitlessLED (3 bulbs plus wifi bridge) with EMS Tracked shipping = 120.70USD + UK VAT £26.19(42.14USD) = $162.84


► Do I have to disconnect from my WIFI to control the lights?

Question: When controlling the bulbs from an android or iPhone device, do I have to connect to your WIFI network? or can I stay on my own and still control the lights? So basically I want to know if I have to disconnect from my WIFI to control the lights?

Answer: No not all, you do NOT need to disconnect from your WIFI to control the lights. You can stay on your own wifi network and still control the lights… see our House picture above on the home page.. you will see the app goes through your home wifi router. Look for the dotted lines connecting everything.

You do NOT have to swap wifi just to control the lights.. the limitlessled bridge connects itself to your home wifi network, so that your smartphone too can stay on your home wifi network.

Although you can leave the wifi bridge in Access Point mode if you really do NOT want to connect it to you your home Wifi network, this scenario could easily occur if you are using the Wifi Bridge at someone else’s house or party you just connect your phone direct to the Limitless Bridge Wifi.


► Do I need a WiFi receiver bridge if I just want to turn the lights on and off with the remotes?

No, you do NOT need a wifi receiver bridge if you just want to turn the lights on and off with the remotes.


► What are the shipping costs for me?

All our shipping prices are at cost, we make ZERO margin on our shipping costs to you.

Shipping goes on weight, so firstly select all the products you would like to check, and then press checkout and enter your destination country from the dropdown list, the shipping options will automatically appear so that you can see the shipping options and costs.

We use 3 types of shipping, Standard Parcel Post (Air), EMS economy courier, and International Courier. Currently we use DHL as our international courier because we have negotiated the cheapest from them, they are the most competitive out of all the international couriers (yes there is more than a dozen to choose from these days).

Standard Parcel Post (Air) are only available to select countries, because although it is reliable in most countries, there are many countries we deem to lose the parcels too easily. Let us know if you think your country should be placed on this list.

EMS Economy Courier is only available to select countries based on their limited service list of countries, if you think I have missed your country off this list, or EMS has recently added your country, let me know by email, support(at)

Don’t be put off by shipping costs, all retailers in your country pay this level of shipping cost, whether you know it or not… they hide it in the expensive retail price. Unless it is actually made in your country of course or if they shipped a whole container load, which is not very likely with the speed to market these days, its all air freighted.

also see our other FAQ item on VAT/GST/tax (to Canada and European countries only).


► My b22 bulbs are too long and cannot twist them to get them to seat?

You can remove the plastic light fitting screw sleeves and reduce their height by 2mm with a file.

They fit all my bayonet fittings in my home, but I have seen a couple of b22 lamp fittings where they hit the sleeve ridges of the light fitting.

Yes the b22 dual white, and the b22 rgbw are the same in this respect.


► Can I control the RGBW whiteness saturation?

You can Dim the RGB colour brightness up and down.. but you can *not* control the *whiteness* saturation of the colour.

You can *NOT* control the saturation of RGBW bulbs, each colour is set to FULL only.

Long press the ON button turns on ALL the White LED chips only, and turns the RGB LED chips off.

Using the API you can not turn both the RGB and White on at the same time, and the brightness of each can not be controlled individually.


► What is your returns policy?

You can return your products purchased at any time for a refund within 90 days, less any shipping costs.


► Bulbs and the wifi bridge, I am ready to go?

Yes correct. Your wifi bridge will enable you to control the light bulbs with or without the handheld remotes.

iPhone/Android/PC/Linux/PI -> Wifi Router -> Wifi Bridge -> Light Bulbs (4 groups/zones rgbw) + (4 groups/zones dual white)

iPhone/Android/PC/Linux/PI -> Wifi Bridge -> Light Bulbs (4 groups/zones rgbw) + (4 groups/zones dual white)

RGBW Remote -> Light Bulbs (4 groups/zones rgbw)

Dual White Remote -> Light Bulbs (4 groups/zones dual white)


► I want to update the firmware on my Wifi Bridge?

Sorry, there has never been any releases for firmware updates for milight/limitlessled bridges. The hardware is better and newer every release, so the software would never work on the new hardware for each version released of wifi bridge anyway. The only way to get the new hardware is to buy the latest Wifi Bridge version from our website, and it comes with the firmware installed for that hardware. thanks.


► Disco mode features?

1. Static white color.
2. White color smooth change.
3. All colors smooth change.
4. Red / Green / Blue colors smooth change.
5. Seven Colors
6. Three Colors
7. Red / Green
8. Red / Blue
9. Blue / Green
10. White Blink
11. White Strobe
12. Red Blink
13. Red Strobe
14. Green Blinks
15. Green Strobe
16. Blue Blinks
17. Blue Strobe
18. Yellow Blinks
19. Yellow Strobe
20. All of the above in an endless cycle.

Disco Modes for the RGBW bulbs:

Program 1 (RGBW Fade In and Fade Out)
This program fades in and out the colors; red, green, blue, and white one after another.

Program 2 (Color Flash)
In this program, the colors flash in the following sequence; red, green, blue, white yellow purple.

Program 3 (Disco)
Each color in turn flashes like a strobe light.

Program 4 (Red Color Ramp up and Flash)
In this program, the red color brightens from 0%-100%, then shuts off, then flashes three times.

Program 5 (Green Color Ramp up and Flash)
In this program, the green color brightens from 0%-100%, then shuts off, then flashes three times.

Program 7 (Color Change and Flash)
With this program different colors fade into each other and then flash randomly.

Program 8 (Fade in and Fade Out)
With this program different colors fade into each other.

Program 9 (Strobe White)
Just the white color flashes like a strobe light.

To dim all RGBW lights at once, first press ‘Master ON’. To do this with individual lights, first press channel ON. Secondly, choose the color or brightness according to the color ring or brightness level.


► Will the bulbs work in my area and what size caps?

- USA / Canada standard size screw cap E26.
- UK / AUS / NZ standard size screw E27 and bayonet B22.

- LimitlessLED Lightbulbs are certified worldwide and tested on all Voltages 90V-260V and 50-60Hz.

- WiFi is certified worldwide on 2.4Ghz.

The dimensions of each Limitless LED are
Diameter of base: 4.5cm
Widest point: 6cm
Length of the bulb: 12cm


► Can I control the lights from both the remote and my iPhone/Android at the same time?

Yes, and from multiple remotes, multiple iPhones, and multiple Androids all at the same time.


► So do I need the receiver bridge box to use my iPhone or Android?

Yes.  But it is not needed for using the remote only.


► Shipping, warranty and return policys?

- Please allow up to 7 days for packaging and dispatch.
- And please allow up to 2-6 weeks for delivery.
- You MUST contact us within 3 weeks of non-delivery for United States deliveries, or your parcel will be destroyed for non-delivery, with no refund. we always email your tracking number within 7 days of ordering. Yes USPS is bad at contacting you even when its waiting at your local depot for you.
- DHL Express Track and Trace Delivery.
- EMS and Air Freight for AU.
- 3 year warranty and replacement.
- 90 days money back guarantee if in original condition. You can return your products purchased at any time for a refund within 90 days, less any shipping costs.

If you would like to see how much duty and tax on import to your country. Click this link and edit your country and order prices.

Standard Air has no track and trace, please give it time.

please track your Economy Courier EMS parcels here: for United States for UK for Australia
All other countries use this

please track your DHL Express parcels here:


► Can other people control my lights?

No, with 128bit encryption access is very secure.


► Can I control the lights through the internet and do other customizations?

YES, our wifi bridge can be controlled over the Internet or Home network by IP address and Port 50000. Each LimitlessLED wifi bridge receiver is given its own IP address.

Each wifi bridge can control over 400+ light bulbs. Multiple wifi bridges can be used to control more groups of lights.

Developers, yes you can write your own custom software by sending a standard TCP or UDP network command to the bridge ( or custom IP address) to control the brightness, color, switching, with just a few lines of code from your Windows, Mac, Android, Tablet, iPhone, or iPad. Follow the developer blog where you can get sample applications, and code.


► Do I need a WiFi router at all?

yes, by connecting the LimitlessLED wifi bridge to your Home WiFi, you can control your lights across your Home Network (LAN) and from across the Internet (WAN).

To control the lights, you can use your iPhone or Android when they are connected to your Home WiFi network. Or control the lights from across the internet using your home IP address and Port 50,000

you can also use adhoc mode, that connects your android/iphone direct to the wifi bridge with out the need for a home wifi accesspoint/router.


► What is the range of the WiFi and remote?

Over 20 meters / 65 feet for both the WiFi bridge and Remote to the LED Light Bulb.
Your iPhone or Android will have a very long range over WiFi, basically as far as your home WiFi router or Ethernet LAN can reach.


► I have seen other companies planning similar things?

Limitless has been working on this for 2 years and is shipping now. No empty promises, plans and ideas, just solutions that are ready today.


► How safe?

All LimitlessLED products are C-tick certified and registered, they are CE and EMC tested by our test laboratories BST, we LVD safety tested them to many hundreds of volts to ensure they are very safe. We also tested them for electromagnetic interference to ensure they do not interfere with any other RF equipment in your home.

RoHS, CE, and EMC approved and safety tested.
Robust solid acrylic plastic lens.
No toxic material, no mercury nor lead, and can be safely recycled to recover valuable materials such as copper and aluminum.
No ultraviolet or infrared light. Cool to the touch, means safer for bed side lamps and young children.

We provide a full warranty on all products. We monitor all incoming supplier manufacturing parts for quality, we listen to all customer feedback, and test every lightbulb in a huge test array of lighting for many hours to ensure consistent quality. If on the tiny chance any LED bulb does not operate as expected, please discontinue use, dispose of it and email us support(at) and we will ship you another for free.


► Will my wall dimmers still work like normal?

The bulb still works but the wall dimmer dial will not, just leave it on full.


► Any more features planned for the App?

Yes there is a million good ideas that will be implemented, some are:
Music Beat Visualization Mode
Holiday mode
Calendar and alarm controlled events, on/off etc.
Gentle wake up or fading to sleep
Preset colors / scenes / moods

LimitlessLED App Download Links:

LimitlessLED Android APK Link

LimitlessLED Android PlayStore Link

LimitlessLED Apple App Store Link

WiFi Controller 2 Apple App Store Link

Poly Tool Apple App Store Link

Windows 7 / 8 App:

Microsoft Office Excel Macro Control App: Coming Soon (Email us to register your interest for a beta copy)

Schneider Electric / Clipsal C-Bus Control App: Coming Soon (Email us to register your interest for a beta copy)

Pebble SmartWatch App: Coming Soon (Email us to register your interest for a beta copy)

SmartThings App: Coming Soon (Email us to register your interest for a beta copy)

More Dev Sample Code:


► What customizations can I make?

The WiFi Receiver Bridge provides a route for a direct WiFi connection from iPhone or iPad (Adhoc Access Point Mode) or for any device on a home networked WiFi connection. (The SSID, username and password are stored in the UDP Receiver Bridge).

You can write your own custom software, just by sending a standard TCP/IP or UDP network command to the bridge ( or fixed IP address) to control the brightness, color, switching, with just a few lines of code from your Windows, Mac, Android, Tablet, iPhone, or iPad. 
Follow the developer blog where you can get sample applications, and code.

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